University of Chicago Essay Questions: How to Deal with Them

Sometimes University of Chicago essay questions for applicants look really crazy, asking students to ponder strange things like super-huge mustard containers, difficulties of being a vegetarian or literally comparing apples and oranges.

This institution is famous for asking their applicants get really creative. Here you will find some University of Chicago essay prompts to deal with unusual application essays requirements.

University of Chicago essay prompts

The art of crafting a University of Chicago essay, or a Boston University essay, or even a Temple University application essay is based on the general skills of application essay writing. Let’s talk about the main aspects of this type of academic writing.

  • No model answer

As a rule, the essay prompts of Chicago University are given to encourage students’ freedom and intellectual creativity. However, there is no such Chicago University essay or Boston University supplement essay that has a certain type of model answers.

  • Don’t hurry

If there is an important point that doesn’t appear on the pages of your essay immediately, then you just have to take your time to think about it in a more intensive way. There are thousands of ways to write a successful essay.

One of the main aspects that stands out is an amount of time you are going to spend writing. Admission officers read a lot of essays every year, and they do recognize when a student spent an hour on his/her essay, and when a student paid more attention and spent more time working.

  • Have fun

Despite the fact that it might sound a little cliché, having fun while composing an application essay may have a more significant benefit than just trying to make the entire process less stressful. Remember, if you have fun writing, the admission officers will have fun reading!

University of Chicago essays: be yourself while writing

Even though the University of Chicago admits the exceptional amount of variety in the way the applicants respond to their prompts, there is no admission officer that has a favorite “type” of work. There good and funny essays, others are more serious, others are witty and sarcastic, deeply personal, or all at once. Overall, the best essays are those that are thoughtful and tell more about an individual.

The prompts given by the University of Chicago are not that easy to tackle, they really do not have a model answer and, therefore, give students an opportunity to approve themselves. So, it is true that a college is looking for uniqueness and originality, and that is exactly what you have! All you have to do is to express these qualities at fullest and show the way you can stand out of the crowd. The craziest questions give the broadest possibilities to show one’s exceptional nature and show oneself in the best light. Do your best, be yourself and good luck!