The Best Way to Write a Reflective Essay

Just like any other type of academic essay writing, you have to submit your work in time. So, make sure you specify the deadline after receiving your task. Nowadays, it is popular to submit reflective essays online. All the details like topic, deadline, volume and other requirements can be easily found on the page of an educational institution you wish to apply for.

You may be asked to present a reflective essay in order to support self-designed projects. The commission cares about your perceptions of a particular situation or problem. Write down everything you consider relative to the topic, as this essay type allows the flow of imagination. But don’t lie through one’s teeth – it won’t add up to your overall grade. It is also key to write in the first person singular.

Don’t worry about the volume: mention as many valuable details as possible. In case there is something important left to say, it’s better to overload your reflective essay a bit rather than lose some score for missing the point. To make any observation vivid, provide a persuasive example. However, there is absolutely no need to describe some routine actions, one’s appearance, Rome’s sights, etc. Don’t confuse a reflection essay with an informative one! Reflective essay has to act in the way an evaluating process does.

Most of time, your essay will refer to a single person or event, but you have to spread it in a way so that the reader gets a chance to learn more about you than commonly known fact present. Stress on what that event or a person means to you. I.e., “Sir Abraham Lincoln is the treasure to my soul, a hero I wish to follow in his footsteps as far as he was the one to break the ice of American democracy”, “To me, the industrial revolution associates with a new-born music genre. As a musician, I’m just keen on the history of music…”

Your introduction section should begin with a statement regarding the time and circumstances under which a relevant experience was obtained (“While, on fieldwork, I faced…”, “When I was accomplishing my internship at a local hospital, I’ve noticed…,” “Last summer, while volunteering for Lake Blue camping program, I observed a number of edifying situations…”). The first phrase has to lead to the core theme highlighted in the second or the third sentence (“Based on my teaching experience, I would like to share my ideas concerning blind children education and their role in society…”).

The body of a reflective essay is the right place for a short story. Involve some curious twist in the plot while building a bridge between the second and third paragraphs. The fundamental question to be answered in the body section is “Why?”: why did you enjoy your vacation, why you believe protecting rare animal species is important, why have you dedicated your last summer to charity work, etc. Most of time applicants describe only the positive moments. However, it looks less confident than when the essay consists of some negative emotions as well. As we all understand, life is not a bed of roses. So, try to be more realistic.

The last-ditch effort is about thinking of an impressive and remarkable end. If your conclusions make the reader wake up at night and think of them, your essay will be most probably selected out of all the rest. An author may conclude on a happy note and, conversely, the essay may end with lessons learned: “Despite all the damage my dad’s bankruptcy brought to my family, I’ve learnt to survive within the harsh business environment.”, “To sum up, today I am a lucky owner of an even better bicycle than the one I had been dreaming about since I was a little kid.”

In order to meet all the requirements of a reflective essay and obtain a brilliant piece of work, there is an option to contact a specialized academic writing service online. They’re providing high-quality papers in the shortest terms, so if you lack time and energy, it might be your best way to go.